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A large pond is the chief water attraction of Anderson Park. Several very small creeks flow into the pond. While swimming is not permitted in the pond, fishing is, provided you have the necessary fishing license. For most children the ducks and geese that frequent the pond are likely to be the highlight of their visit. The fowl are accustomed to being fed, so they often gather round even if you have no bread crumbs to offer.


Kite Flying

Each spring the Carrboro Recreation and Parks Department sponsors an Annual Kite Fly on the back field of Anderson Park. But you don’t have to limit your kite flying to this one day—kite flyers are welcome whenever the field is not being used for another activity.


At Henry Anderson
Community Park you can—

  • fly a kite
  • watch ducks on the pond
  • go fishing
  • look for hickory nuts
  • watch clouds float by

Take time to explore the natural areas of Anderson Park. A walk around the pond is a must in the eyes of most children who visit the park. But consider also walking along the open areas by the edge of the forest. It is here, in this “edge” habitat, that you are likely to have the best chance of observing birds and other wildlife.

A Natural Area of Chapel Hill

One of 10 natural areas in the Chapel Hill area profiled by Boy Scouts of Troop 9 for Daniel Ripperton’s Eagle Scout Service Project to encourage children to spend more time in the natural world.


Henry Anderson Community Park

A 54 acre recreational area of gently-rolling hills just west of Carrboro, Anderson Park provides something for everyone. Half of the land is wooded with mixed pine and hardwood forest, the other half is open, with mowed grassy areas and sports fields. Sports enthusiasts delight in the wide range of facilities available at the site, including baseball fields, basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts, even horseshoe pits. A playground for children to enjoy is situated near the picnic shelter. By the park entrance is a fenced-in dog park where dogs may play off leash. Originally called Carrboro Community Park, the park was renamed Henry “Hank” Anderson III Community Park in honor of Hank Anderson, who served as the director of the Chapel Hill Parks and Recreation Department from 1969 to 1997.

Located on Highway 54 West, just west of Old Fayetteville Rd.

Parking available along park road.

Drinking water and restrooms available near baseball fields except in winter.

Dogs on leash permitted.

Administered by Town of Carrboro Parks and Recreation Department.


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A broad trail of crushed gravel encircles the pond. You can access the half-mile loop trail by taking any of the spur trails from the parking areas. Following the access trail from the dog park, you soon meet the loop trail just as it is about to cross the dam. After traversing the open area at the dam, the trail enters the woods, skirting the edge of the pond for the rest of its circular course. At the north end of the pond you cross a small bridge over one of the feeder creeks. From here you can follow the spur trail to the baseball fields or continue around the pond. Along the loop trail there are numerous places to stop and observe the ducks and geese feeding on the pond.