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Two branches of Booker Creek flow through Homestead Park. At this point in its course Booker Creek is a small stream just a couple of feet across and less than a foot deep, with a muddy bottom and muddy banks. Since the watercourse itself does not hold much water, the flood plain on both sides of the creek is often soggy, more so following periods of heavy rain. There are a couple of marshy areas that support the growth of cattails, the largest of which is the oval pond situated just west of the soccer fields. These are good places to listen for frogs and red-winged blackbirds.



There are several places in Homestead Park where you can find rocks suitable for climbing on and sliding down. Some of them, like the ones in the picture above, lie in the open. Others are situated in the wooded area surrounding the playground.


At Homestead Park you can—

  • listen for frogs
  • climb on rocks
  • follow a winding creek
  • look for cattails in the marshy area
  • watch birds foraging in the bushes

Whatever draws you to Homestead Park, allow some time to explore the natural areas surrounding the ball fields. See what birds you find in the brushy areas between the open fields and the woods. Or watch how the marsh changes through the seasons, from the time the cattails shoot up in the spring to the time they tower over the pond in the fall.

A Natural Area of Chapel Hill

One of 10 natural areas in the Chapel Hill area profiled by Boy Scouts of Troop 9 for Daniel Ripperton’s Eagle Scout Service Project to encourage children to spend more time in the natural world.


Homestead Park

is a mecca for sports enthusiasts with its aquatic center, skate park, batting cage, softball fields, and soccer fields. Dog lovers appreciate the fenced-in grassy areas—one for small dogs and another for medium and large dogs—where their pets can run and play off leash. Children are drawn to the playground and picnic area. Yet lying in the midst of all these facilities are wetlands with adjacent brushy and wooded areas. Most of the park is relatively flat, sloping gently toward the creek. The wooded areas, found mostly along the creek, consist of relatively young growth pines and hardwoods. With the site split between open fields and wooded areas, there is a lot of edge habitat where the grassy areas and forested areas meet, affording numerous opportunities for the observation of wildlife.

Located on Northern Park Drive off Homestead Road just west of its intersection with MLK Jr. Blvd.

Parking available in parking lot.

Drinking water and restrooms available in the Aquatic Center during the hours that it is open and seasonably available at picnic area.

Park Hours are dawn to dusk.

Dogs on leash permitted.

Administered by Town of Chapel Hill Parks and Recreation Department.


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The paved paths of Homestead Park connect the parking lot with the areas of the park designated for structured play—the ball fields, picnic area, and playground. To enter the natural areas you will have to walk off-trail. Start by circling the pond that lies just west of the soccer fields, then follow the sewer line (marked by concrete cones) in either direction. Depending on the season this area may be wet or brushy or both. The more adventurous may wish to follow the stream from the pond as it twists and winds through the southeastern portion of the park.